Basic Dog Training Tips for Your Puppy

Though you may not realize it, you have become more than your new puppy’s best friend; you have become his pack leader. You are the person that he is going to look up to, and the person he is going to rely on to teach him the ways of the world. You are his trainer; his lead “dog”. If you want him to obey your commands and behave in a specific way, you are going to have to teach him properly from the day one. Though it may be very tempting to cuddle with your new four-legged family member, bring him to bed and feed him scraps from the table, doing all of these things, even just a few times, will teach your pooch bad habits that can be very hard to break. While your puppy begging at the table and jumping up on your bed may be cute for a few weeks, after a while, it will start to become a nuisance, and you’ll rue the day that you taught him all of these bad behaviors.

So, how do you go about teaching your dog the ropes? Here are some basic training tips that will help you get your puppy started on the right foot for long island dog training.

Dog Training Basics

With 10 to 20 minutes a day, and these basic tips, you can train your puppy and teach her some of the basics that will result in a well behaved, polite and respectful companion.

Positive reinforcement goes a long way. Have you ever seen someone tap their dog on the nose with a rolled up newspaper when he did something wrong? If so, erase the vision from your mind. Not only is this the completely wrong way to go about training a dog, but it’s just downright mean. Dogs, like people, don’t respond well to negative reinforcement. Your dog will learn something, but it won’t be the lesson that you want him to; he’ll learn not to trust you. Instead, use positive reinforcement. Reward your dog as he is learning. Offer treats when a job is well done. For example, when you say “sit” and he sits down at your feet, give him a treat. Your dog will be more likely to obey your commands when he associates the behavior you are teaching him with something positive.

Only have one person do the training. While everyone in your house may want to take part in the training, pick one person to take the lead. Even though everyone may be using the same commands, and the same methods, your dog can become confused when he is learning the ropes from several different people. The long island dog trainer should be someone who is patient and soft spoken. Once your pooch successfully learns, others can partake, but make sure that everyone is using the same commands.

One at a time. Trying to teach your dog too many commands and behaviors at once will confuse him. Work on one thing at a time. Once he has mastered sit, move on to stay, for example.

Be happy and have fun. Dogs are more apt to respond to a cheerful, lively, upbeat attitude. Use a playful voice. Be a cheerleader. You should be stern, but not too stern. You’ll grab Fido’s attention and be able to teach him when you have a kind, playful, yet in control demeanor. Call dog trainer long island if you need dog or puppy training help.

Don’t be too forceful. Don’t be demanding. If your dog hasn’t learned how to sit after three days of training, don’t force his bottom on the ground and start yelling. Being too forceful will only frustrate him, and teach him not to trust you. Remember, it will take time; but with patience, it will be accomplished.

By following these basic tips, you’ll have better control of your puppy, and your puppy will learn to respect you as the leader of his pack. For more basic puppy training tips, or to enroll in a puppy training class, contact long island dog training company today!